Problems you might encounter

If you have AT&T Fiber Internet

Please Follow these steps to stop AT&T from blocking our app

If your account keeps showing Inactive or invalid account. Also, make sure you are typing your account in correctly. If the password has a lowercase L, or an uppercase i. They both look the same lI. So you might be typing it in wrong. You can copy your password and paste it here to see which letter it is.

If you Copy and Paste the password in the top box, it will show which letter they are in the bottom. 

For example i typed in haIklhlI.

in the bottom box it showed that the letters were Hotel Alfa India Kilo Lima Hotel Lima India     

So that password has a capital i, lower case L, lower case L, and capital i. remember they all look the same here

IllI.   I typed in all letters above. Please do this to check which letters they are first. Thank you.