StreamZilla – Bonus App

StreamZilla is the ONE and only app you need for Movies/Shows on Demand.

This Just Replaces MyStream Unlimited

Must Download 2 apps for StreamZilla to work.

StreamZilla and our Media Player app.


Video Shows Step By Step for Install

Download instructions:

Shows how to install 2 apps
Must install BOTH
1. StreamZilla
2. Player for Streamzilla

Step 1.

Open downloaders
Type –
Download/Install StreamZilla

Step 2.

Download/Install Player for StreamZilla

Once Both are Installed, go to your apps, open StreamZilla

Login with the login info you were sent via email after purchase, If you dont have your login info text us and we will resend. 

***DELETE MYSTREAM UNLIMITED*** No need to have MyStream Unlimited anymore. 

Video above shows step by step as well, can Pause to follow each step. Also shows how to use StreamZilla. 

Only works if your an Active Customer – This is included with Every Plan we offer. 

This app is ONLY for On Demand Content, Does NOT work on rokus, or apple Devices.